Here you’ll find filmed interviews with some of the many interesting participants at SIF13.

Watch ms Yoani Sánchez, famous Cuban blogger and participant in the Stockholm Internet Forum 2013 give her opinion on freedom of expression and her situation in Cuba:

Quitéria Guirengane, from Youth Parliament of Mozambique, talks about the situation in Mozambique and why she started to work for democracy and womens rights in her country:

Diallo Abdoulaye, founder of the film festival for human rights and director for National Press Centre Norbert Zongo in Burkina Faso, decribes his work for human rights and democracy in Burkina Faso:

Wael Abbas, blogger and journalist from Egypt. Wael Abbas talks about the situation in Egypt today and why he started blogging:

Minister for International Development Cooperation
Gunilla Carlsson:


Dunja Mijatovic, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media:


Dorothy Okello, founder and director for Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET):


Anja Kovacs, from Internet Democracy Project in India:


James Losey, fellow with the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation: