SIF Unconference

A novelty at this year’s SIF is the unconference session on May 22, at 4:00-5:30 p.m. SIF´s participants have been given the opportunity to decide themselves what “talks” (debates, lectures, presentations, etc.) they would like to see at the conference. Ten sessions will be held simultaneously.

The format is very informal and participants are welcome to walk between the different presentations as they please. The sessions are arranged so that they share space in true sharing is caring spirit! A couple of sessions share the main session room, a few is located on the balconys and so on.

In the café area you will find information regarding what sessions you can choose from and where they are held. If you want to, you can freely walk between the ongoing sessions.

The sessions have all been pitched and voted for by the participants in advance. Reed more about the procedure here.

The following ten presentations received the most votes and will be held at the SIF unconference:

1. In the abscence of a legal framework, people are they totally free on the internet?
Organizer: Rouamba Mahamadi, consultant and researcher in ICT for development and Josephine Ouerdraogo of Diakonia Burkina.
Spot: Mässhallen

2. Balancing Online Freedoms With Security: What Data Do We Need To Inform The Debate, and how do we translate this to action
Organizer: Anne Jellema, CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation
Spot: Mässhallen

3. Internet Policies in Latin America: What’s Going on and How to Protect Human Rights in the Region?
Organizer: Alberto Cerda
Spot: Mässhallen

4. Enforcement through “self-”regulation – who ever thought this was a good idea?
Organizer: Joe McNamee (European Digital Rights)
Spot: Mässhallen

5. Limiting Digital Arms Trade
Organizers: Jonathan Lundqvist (President, Reporters Without Borders, Sweden) and Lucie Morillon (Head of Research Department, Reporters Without Borders International)
Spot: Riddarsalen

6. GNI and The Telecommunications Industry Dialogue – working together on free expression and privacy
Organizer: GNI and Industry Dialogue
Spot: Fogelström

7. The impact of US sanctions against some countries on the freedom of the Internet
Organizer: Elmunzir Abdelrahman
Spot: Riddarsalen

8. Cyberactivism: Caught between love and hate?
Organizer: Vilhelm Konnander
Spot: On the balcony in the exhibition area

9. Crash course mobile citizen journalism: capturing, editing and anonymous publishing on Android devices with Storymaker
Organizer: Niels ten Oever
Spot: On the balcony in the café area

10. Assistance Arrested: Better Workflows for Protecting Digital Activists
Organizer: Katrin Verclas
Spot: Riddarsalen

What is an unconference?

An unconference is a participant controlled, democratic conference format. Participants at the conference suggest topics within a theme. At the SIF, the topics will revolve around freedom on the Internet. Within this theme, the framework for the sessions is very open.

We have opted for the unconference format in the hope that it will fuel positive exchanges and dynamic debates that make it easier for the participants to network.