Summaries 2013


Click on the links below to read summaries of the different sessions at Stockholm Internet Forum 2013.

This high-level panel discussion will seek to recollect and reflect on the state of play on internet freedom and to introduce the second Stockholm Internet Forum into the ongoing global discussion about the internet.

The relationship between freedom and security in cyberspace was discussed, and participants gave their opinions emphasising the need to keep the internet free to make sure that it continues to be an enabler for economic growth, increased accountability, freedom of speech and the access to information.

This panel aims to explore challenges relating to human rights and cyber security in the international arena.

The discussion focused on the tension between the trans-boundary nature of the Internet and the fact that governments and law are essentially territorial.

The panel discussed how human rights are safeguarded in the context of giving individuals access to communications while at the same time safeguarding their privacy, and what the role of companies and governments is in this context.

Challenges in connecting and ensuring an equal and broader access to everyone, closing the gap between rural and urban areas, women and men, young and old, developed and developing countries.

This panel aims to explore the challenges facing those countries that are rapidly gaining connectivity in handling the security challenges inherent in all ICTs.

This panel aims to explore challenges and opportunities of the ICT software and services sector in driving innovation, transforming public and private sectors and generating inclusive growth in developing countries.

This panel aims to explore how international development is being transformed by the application of new technologies to existing practices.

The discussion focused on necessary building blocks to achieve internet freedom. The panel and the audience were encouraged to reflect on one’s own individual contribution to promote internet freedom. A multi-stakeholder approach as a way of internet governance was emphasized. Cyber security was discussed – the panel discussed how individuals can safeguard their privacy on the internet and the role of companies in this context.