My Story Exhibition

The ‘My Story: Gendered Access around the World Exhibition’ 


Remember the words ending The My Story Exhibition in Pre-SIF? Here’s a fine doodle showcasing them! #Alles rezeptfrei erfahrungen

The My Story Gender Exhibition shows what ‘access to the internet can mean’ in our globalizing world of gender inequality and asymmetrical power relationships.  Revealing not only the empowering potential and the “dark side” of the internet,  each component of the exhibition tells a unique story about how ICTs relate to gender, access and power, in a way that is unique to the story teller. It is this ‘epistemic sovereignty’ that makes the stories so impactful for the audience, and so liberating and empowering for the story teller.


We invite you to share your stories in pictures, poems and videos through the hashtag #SIFSTORIES


Visit the Exhibition here


The exhibition is co-facilitated by NewZambian, Asikana Network, GRACE Network, WOUGNET and the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka.