First announcement for #SIF17: “Access and Power”

The Internet is undoubtedly a powerful technology that has had a tremendous impact on billions of people’s lives by giving access to an “uncompromised” source of information, a possibility to communicate directly to individuals all over the globe as well as to millions of people at the same time.

Every day the capacity of computers and phones improves and new innovations are lining up. We are starting to understand real time data and has cloud capacity to analyze it. The world has not just one window of opportunity but unlimited opportunities.

Stockholm Internet Forum 2017 will focus on the connection(s) between access and power. Enjoying the benefits of cross-sectorial collaboration this can be understood from many perspectives. One major key issue is however the empowering benefits of Internet accessibility – targeting both political, economic and social aspects of power.

Stockholm Internet Forum - photo of the audience
(Photo: Martina Huber/Regeringskansliet)

A major focus of will continue to be on community building and learning, making sure that the competence of participating individuals and organizations is used at its most.

By discussing power and structures of different sorts we hope to gain learnings that can be useful for future-proofing development and human rights. Analyzing gender structures has a great potential to provide not just a better understanding of power relations but is also an effective way of finding solutions to societal inequalities.

We, together, need to ensure that all of the Internet really is for all, all the time.

Stockholm Internet Forum 2017. Münchenbryggeriet venue in Stockholm. May 16-18 2017!

More information will follow.