Looking forward…

The SIF15 team would like to extend a sincere thank you to everybody who participated in #SIF15. We are grateful for your insightful understandings of this year´s theme of access through a gendered lens and for all your contributions to the discussions that SIF15 culminated in.

Drawing on your inputs at the conference, we have summarized a few key conclusions that we believe should guide the SIF-process in the future. These key points also highlight matters which we all need to continuously reflect on when looking forward.

  • The gender lens needs to remain, making gender equality the norm. Stockholm Internet Forum, as well as any event around the globe, need to continuously address the gender perspective. This includes an understanding of intersectionality.
  • Diversity among participants is the key aspect of the SIF-success. SIF, as well as any work around the globe, should strive to give voice and space to those usually excluded.
  • The functional impairment perspective is often forgotten and needs to be included and addressed to a much larger extent in the future.
  • The need of problematizing the link between an open, free and safe internet for all and freedom of expression persist. This includes discussions regarding censorship and the freedom to dissent online.