Parallel session 1C

Gender based violence online: levelling the discussion

Violence online is often used to silence women who raise their voices, threatening their freedom of expression and democracy at large. There is an alarming trend of shrinking space for civil society and democracy on decline. This is something that is visible in all public arenas, including the internet, and women are among the most targeted. Female journalists, politicians and women’s rights activists withdraw from online discussions and conversations due to the fear of threats and violence.

To find ways forward, Stockholm Internet Forum has previously addressed the issue of gender based violence online. This year a distinguished and knowledgeable panel will continue the discussion – “post CSW” and “pre IGF”- to see how to better call out the challenges, identify the practices and work towards progressive and rights-based international norms within this space.


Åsa Eldén (moderator) – Lead Policy Specialist for Gender Equality, Sida

Annika Ben David – Ambassador-at-large for human rights, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Jan Moolman – Global Women’s Rights Policy Lead at the Association for Progressive Communications, APC

Dubravka Šimonoviæ  – Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women

Frane Maroevic – Director of the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media

Twitter: #SIF17 together with #SIF1C

Location: Riddarsalen