Pre-SIF regional session: LATIN AMERICA

Human rights and technology in Latin America: Where to from here?

This session will bring together the Latin American organisations attending the Stockholm Internet Forum, for regional network streghtening. This will be also an excellent opportunity for the international community to connect and better understand the reality of human rights on the internet in Latin America. The session will allow the Latin American organisations to present their latest projects and current work, and to discuss about the future of the tech-related human rights issues in the region: what are the next challenges and how to face them?


María Paz Canales – Executive Director,  Derechos Digitales

Mariana Valente – Director, Internet Lab Brazil

Agustina Del Campo – Director, Center for Studies on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information at Universidad de Palermo Law School

Martín Borgioli – Project Director, Hiperderecho

Carlos Lara – Manager of the Public Policy and Research team, Derechos Digitales

Vladimir Garay –  Advocacy Director, Derechos Digitales

Location: Room 19, Asante