Pre-SIF: Welcome and framing access and power

Welcome and framing access and power

Access to the internet has become a critical component in our ability to engage fully in an increasingly digitally networked world. From the intimacy of forming relationships, to the transitional movements of labour and resources, to the participation in socio-political governance. We have witnessed how shifts in internet technology development in the last few decades have contributed to shifts in how we think and act in relation to democratic participation, dissent and expression, sexuality and embodiment, privacy and public domains, economic distribution and transparency, and to collective and individual power.

What is the relationship between access and power? How do we understand power in its multiple forms and emanation: structural, discursive, embodied and networked?
As a metaphor, access to the internet is about living in an age where imagination is the next step ahead, with one foot firmly grounded on the complex realities and implications of the now. This session invites an opening of this conversation, to explore the multiple dimensions of the interconnection between power and access, its impact towards different bodies, spaces and relations, towards an imagination of what is possible, and needed.


Jac Sm Kee, Women’s Rights Programme Director, Association for Progressive Communication
Jac sm Kee is a feminist activist and researcher working on the interconnection between human rights, digital networked technologies and feminism. She’s currently the head of the Women’s Rights Programme of the Association for Progressive Communications, that built the Take Back the Tech! campaign to end online gender based violence, and the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

Location: Oasen