First #SIF15 session revealed – Gender based violence online

The gender-based violence online panel aims to explore how gender-based violence online affects the participation of women and WHRD in online spaces, and what counter-strategies are being developed.

Over the world we can see an on-going trend of female journalists and WHRD activist withdrawing from online discussions and conversations due to the fear of threats and violence. Thus violence online constitute a threat to freedom of expression and democracy at large since it often has the effect of silencing women who raise their voices.

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The social and cultural limitation of online spaces is an issue that is being acknowledged across the world. Women in general and WHRD in particular, are facing severe challenges when it comes to public participation and claiming their rights in digital communities. As the online and offline environments are fundamentally intertwined, gender-based power structures have real-world implications regardless of platform. Threats online also translate into threats and violence offline, both in public and private spaces – having a devastating impact on the ability / possibilities of women, girls and other marginalised groups to access, create and share content without being targeted by gender-based violence online.