Side happening: Digital security clinic with Access Now

Access Now Digital Security Clinic

The Digital Security Clinic a network of Access Now technologists who travel to select events attended by front-line activists. The Clinic crew sets up a drop-in booth that runs throughout the entirety of the program and is accessible to all participants. The staff identify problems and help attendees implement practices that can protect them from threats.

Those diagnosed with critical issues are forwarded to Access Now’s 24/7 Digital Security Helpline, which is capable of handling the most severe of problems.

During an average visit, Clinic technologists:

1// Assess risks and needs

2// Analyze current practices

3// Troubleshoot problems

4// Provide tools and training to address emergent issues

5// Initiate cases with Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline for any issues not resolved on the spot

6// Refer to specialists where the Helpline is unable to assist

The Digital Security Clinic team are:

Michael Carbone, Diana Fernandez, Hassen Selmi (all from Access Now Digital Security Helpline)

Location: Mässtorget