Side happening: New media documentation clinic with Witness

Learn how to use of video and related ICTs, safely, ethically and effectively for voice, rights protection and free expression

WITNESS works to enable anyone, anywhere to use video and technology to defend their rights. In the WITNESS clinic at SIF you can learn how human rights defenders, marginalized communities and citizen witnesses can maximize the potential of video and related ICTs.

Regional and thematic experts working in Latin America, Middle East, USA and Asia will lead a day-long schedule of drop-in workshops for participants from beginners to experts, to fit alongside the rest of the conference schedule.

We’ll focus on how to think smartly about strategy, key concepts of how to shoot, produce or curate powerful footage, how to distribute material so it creates a difference and amplifies their voice and power, as well as how to work safely and ethically to protect everyone involved.  We will particularly focus on how to maximize the potential of interaction, creation and advocacy between a growing number of citizen creators, movements and organized NGOs.

Sessions will include introductory modules with suggested next learning steps, as well as a number of ‘experienced practitioner’ sessions focused on:

  • Case studies to inspire and learn
  • Basics of filming
  • Strategic advocacy using video
  • Video as evidence
  • Documentation strategies
  • Digital security and video
  • You ‘right to record’?
  • Live-streaming
  • Verifying eyewitness video
  • Curating citizen video
  • Topics: Land rights, war crimes, gender-based violence, police violence

The New Media Documentation Clinic team are:

Sam Gregory, Raja Althaiabani,  Arul Prakkash, Dia Kayyali (all from WITNESS)

Location: Room 19 Asante