Storify summaries

Here are the Storify summaries from all #SIF15 sessions:

Main session 1 – All of the internet all of the time

Parallel Session 1.1 – From policy to practice: implementing policies for equal access

Parallel Session 1.2 – Levelling the playing field – gender and leadership in ICTs

Parallel Session 1.3 – Defending human rights- online safety through cross-expertise collaboration

Main session 2 – All of the internet for all of the people

Parallel Session 2.1 – Gender-based violence online

Parallel Session 2.2 – Think and Re-think action – women’s economic empowerment and ICT

Parallel Session 2.3 – Is a little internet better than nothing at all?

Keynote Speech – Frank La Rue, Executive Director, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe

Wrap-up Session – This session will focus on summing up knowledge and experiences shared at SIF15 as well as mapping the road ahead – identifying constrains and opportunities for equal access and Internet freedom in the strive for global development.